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Sperry, Frederick

acrylic painting
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1723 S. Jefferson St., Unit 1R

Frederick Paul Sperry is a Chicago native who studied six years at the Art Institute of Chicago between 1959-1971. Frederick concentrated his coursework on etching, sculpture, as well as art education. In 1961 his submission of drawings at the McCormick Place Exhibition was awarded a cash prize. Frederick's works were also featured in shows at the Dryer Gallery in Houston, Texas in 1966. Frederick contiued to show throughout the 1960s and was even accepted into the prestigious Chicago and Vicinity Exhibition in 1968,1969 and 1971.

After completing his Bachelor's degree and spending a year working towards a MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, Frederick was employed by Foster and Kliser, a national billboard company. While working with them he learned to paint on a very large scale. After one year he became self employed. His client's included Canfield's Soda Company during the 1970s.

During the 1980s Frederick had the opportunity to partner with another graduate from the Art Institute to for the Pilsen East Art Guild. The business eventually grew into a building and then design business. Recently he has enjoyed restoring African scuplture and paintings acquired by a private collector.

Frederick is a member of the Hyde Park Arts Center, where his works have been exhibited frequently. He also shows at 4-Arts, Verva Creations, the Open Gallery, and the Pilsen East Guild.

Frederick's etchings range from the purely intellectual, to the lineal, to the architectural; in form and texture, they are as coolly minimalist as Miles Davis's trumpet solos. Influences of Frank L. Wright and Frank Gehry are evident. Many of his pieces are miniaturized examples of sculpture suitable for living and work space. They are shapes in 3-D, pieces of curved paper juxtaposed eclectically with other objects, serving a larger aesthetic scheme. His pieces are studies in the imperfect, the unexpected, the unscripted. They abound with emotive character.
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