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Cuesta, David

acrylic painting
  Website: David Cuesta's gallery website  

A Spanish citizen, David Cuesta grew up traveling between his two homes: Madrid and Chicago. Although Davidds only formal art training was in photography at an arts college in Madrid, he has

always kept innumerable sketchbooks. He tirelessly fills them with eloquent and somewhat disconcerting pencil drawings: character studies of old men and women, streetscapes, stray animalss He depicts those things one might see walking the streets of an urban neighborhood much like the one where he lives in now, Pilsen.

His background lies in street and graffiti art. He often collaborates with other public art artists on painted or assemblage murals that grace the walls of abandoned buildings all over Chicago.

In his recent paintings his focus is on every day, commonplace objects and structures: electrical parts, domestic objects, commercial signs, expressways, and decrepit buildings.

David is often commissioned to paint murals along with colleague, Joe Spangler. Past clients are The Art Institute of Chicago, The Podmajersky Family, and other private customers. He also does custom fine art framing, handling and installation.

Currently, David runs gallery sixfourfive with Heather Burkart.

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