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Blake Keyser, Laura


A native of Philadelphia, I graduated with a degree in Illustration (Graphic Design) from Temple University's Tyler School of Art. Since 1997 I have been living in the Chicago area and working in the interior design field as a muralist and decorative artist. Last year I completed a certificate program in Botanical Illustration at Morton Arboretum which has been a very joyful experience. At this time I am moving towards a more personal expression in making art by creating small assemblage pieces.

The ninth house in astrology was known in ancient times as the house of "long journeys over water". This section of the zodiac is said to rule religion, philosophy, long distance travel and all public expression of ideas. I am fascinated with this world of ideas and mystery. The symbolic images and the stories associated with religion, myth and cultures foreign to me, are a journey of the mind and what I hope to express in art. Art itself being the longest journey of all.
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