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Suprenant, Andrew

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Andrew Suprenant is a photographer and filmmaker from Kankakee, Illinois.

He has shot on the front lines of Lollapalooza and in the rafters of Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. He has also created photographs for New Balance, Pepsi, and Thrillist.

Andrew recently produced The Atom Smashers, a PBS documentary following scientists at Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory fighting international competition to find a holy grail of physics. He also produced Galileo's Grave, a boy-meets-girl-meets-ghosts short film that won the 2006 IFP/Chicago Production Fund award.

He is currently developing a yearlong series of hot dog stands portraits and a film exploring the impact of strip mining in the Appalachian Mountains. He divides his time between Chicago and Montreal and enjoys yoga and red colored pencils.

Now and then, my inner dialogue quiets, distractions fall away, and the landscape before me shifts, filled with depth, clarity, and color. This can happen in the strangest of places and times, and - when it does - I chuckle, amused and exhilarated. I had been completely missing what was in front of me.

Photography, for me, accelerates this process. By taking pictures, I force myself to seek what is present and beautiful.

This usually isn't very hard to find.

This exhibit (my first) collects photographs shot since 2006. Some subjects are inherently spectacular - massive music festivals and cutting-edge science laboratories. Most, however, are plain and everyday - fast food, car hoods, and apartment buildings.

In all of these, I observe, hoping that you enjoy the resulting pictures and that they might possibly be a touchstone for sharing moments - mine, yours, the subject's, or those of the person next to you.

My task has been to find some of moments. I encourage you, in your own way, to do the same.
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