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Novelli, Geoffrey

mixed media
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713 W. 19th Street
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Website: Geoffrey Novelli

My undergraduate degree is in chemical engineering from University of Texas at Austin. I practiced intellectual property law for twenty-five years in Chicago before attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While there, I concentrated in sculpture, particularly foundry work. I have a commissioned large-scale Wildcat mascot installed in Hadley Junior High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and work in several private collections. In recent years I have produced a number of sculptures in various media for a series of exhibitions titled "Chicago Artists Interpret Shakespeare 'As They Like It.'" The most recent venue was Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. My primary figure of interest is Othello, and I have interpreted him in a range of materials from rubber to black sandstone to metals.

My creations have generally been amalgams combining both personal and fanciful images. I enjoy fabricating in both traditional mediums and in composing from disparate materials such as marble, limestone, cast iron, sandstone, copper, glass and rubber, usually in abstracted figures but also process-driven concoctions. I also enjoy collaborating in several mediums with my wife, Anne Farley Gaines, who is a watercolorist and mixed-media painter. We have worked together in iron, glass, wood, and ceramic. I have created several pieces in iron over the past 15 years at the annual Chicago Art Institute Iron Pour in Lake Bluff.

In 2011, I assisted my wife in the fabrication of a 6'x24' mural commission that she obtained from the City of Palos Heights which consisted of paint, mosaic and ceramic. I cut out literally hundreds of ceramic pieces with my diamond saw, cut out several pieces of Hardibacker for the large mosaic areas, and applied grout.

Currently I am stretching my abilities into creative body adornments such as 'octopus' bracelets in metal and Plexiglas and complex necklaces. Doing these types of small works have enhanced the use of multiple materials, such as unconventional glass -- like the kind used in traffic stoplights -- and stainless steel or copper in my larger sculpture works. From this standpoint I like to think of myself as a 'green' sculptor.
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