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Calobrisi, Amanda Joy

oil painting
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Amanda Joy Calobrisi was born on January 22nd 1978 to a single mom who found the experience of her arrival "full of joy" enough so that it became the child's middle name. Raised in various apartments in White Plains New York. She played in parking lots, rescued baby birds, made foreign language picture dictionaries and occasionally got in trouble for writing curse words on walls. She devoted herself to helping care for her little sister and various down on their luck kittens. She graduated high school by the skin of her teeth. Her undergraduate studies began with psychology but finally culminated with a B.A in Art at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She began painting on her own in a dreary basement apartment in Boston with 4 tubes of oil paint yellow, blue, red and white, from photographs she had taken of herself. She completed a Post Baccalaureate degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in 2005 and obtained a MFA degree from The School of the Art Institute's Painting and Drawing department in 2008. She has taught drawing at The School of the Art Institute, Dominican University and presently at Saint Xavier University in Chicago.
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