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Sabin, Holly

acrylic painting
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Website: Holly Sabin


Committed artists consist of Ayelet Even-Nur, Stephanie Bassos, and Scott Ashley. Ayelet Even-Nur reconciles personal memories of childhood summers in Israel with her adult understanding of political conflicts through mixed media collages on paper. Stephanie Bassos' photography isolates the beauty in everyday occurrences in our environment. The result is a stylized and unique perspective on the familiar or discarded. Scott Ashley examines the darker side of childhood and domesticity through ironic installations and sculptures. The artists in this exhibition work in varied mediums, but their work is unified by their relationship to memory and the quality of their expression.
Holly Sabin has been employed as Registrar of Perimeter Gallery for the last five years. Additionally she helped found Deadline Projects Art Collective in 2006 and have curated numerous exhibitions at Happy Dog Gallery in Wicker Park. She is also a current graduate student in Arts Management at Columbia College.
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