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Knapik, Dave

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Website: Dave Knapik

The main subject of my work is the city. Whether it's my home town or a holiday destination, photography allows me to capture the easily-overlooked fragments we pass each day. Our human lives seem so important, but these inanimate objects live here, too.

My work with mannequins began as a substitute for human portraiture. Photographing people is awkward and invasive. Mannequins are much more gracious and willing subjects and don't require as much small talk before and after the shoot.
Statues are created as art, and even if they portray the human form unflatteringly, they generally carry an air of respect for what they represent. Mannequins are almost always plastic imitations built for selling goods. This cheapness makes mannequins a bit creepy. They break easily because they aren't made of stone or metal. A statue is a god, but a mannequin may be a more accurate version of ourselves.
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