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McNellis, miigan

oil painting
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Website: Megan McNellis

Born: 1985 in Watseka, IL

Education: Oakwood High School, Danville Area Community College, Indiana State University

Occupation: Graphic Services; Champaign, IL

My art takes a literal, sculptural, abstracted, view of anatomy, life, and ideas... one piece at at time. I never thought painting would become my 'forte,' as you like it, until I was introduced to oil painting in college. I suppose it was only a matter of time though, since my mothers side of the family consists of several painters (as well as architects and photographers). My work is relentless, annoying, stubborn, and always wanting more from me. It never seems finished and I'm always struggling to find new strategies to defeat it. It keeps me up at night and steals my thoughts during the day. I am completely addicted to each piece I create. I haven't been 'sober' from painting, drawing, sculpture, or photography since 1988.

Every piece beings with a lot of observation, research, daydreaming, and doodling. At times the idea comes out of nowhere and I obsess over it all day! When I begin, I usually have the finished product in mind... somehow I am able to have a preconceived notion of how every work should look, on what surface, and what media (if I should choose one media). However, I do invite chance into the equation with experimental materials (i.e. corrosive solvents, acids, wax, epoxy, etc.).

In the past I worked with microscopic cross-sections of the intestines and eyes by turning them into beautiful paintings through the abstraction of color, texture, and size. After losing my iron stomach and the ability to study images and dissect body parts purchased from the internet; I have since turned my focus to the real world and my own imagination.
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