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Allen , Vandever

oil painting
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As an artist, I work on bringing my inner dream-vision into the world through visual arts, but I use all mediums for this purpose. Thus, I am a follower of the school of the "renaisaance man," spanning a variety of art mediums. In college, I received a full scholarship for football, and began my education as a Chemistry Major, minoring in art. After a spinal injury in football, I decided to follow my passion for art. And, while in physical therapy, I started seeing a therapist who helped me address deeper issues from severe child abuse and, here, found an interest in psychology. This further led me to realize the importance of a general study of the human condition.

As a child, I spent part of the year in a small, rural town in South Dakota where I learned a strong work-ethic as well as a love for nature and animals, working with my father and grandfather in their shop. The rest of the year was spent with my mother's family on their farm where I learned to ride horseback, worked the cattle, and farmed the land. I accompanied my mother as she went from one college town to the next, being able to spend time with her in the lab and seeing the wonderful children's programs that the universities had to offer the children of that particular community. My earliest memories, however, are painting with my grandmother, whom I spent a great deal of time with as well, which, of course, had a great impact on my upbringing.

My partner, Dawn, and I brought our son into the world while on the beaches of Hawaii, and we used the Kilawa Volcano as our nest to keep nice and warm. We have now brought him back to the world, so to speak, and we have chosen Chicago as the starting place for his life. I strive to create a foundation with my art to show him the world.

I have chosen the life of the artist, the poet and philosopher, where my existence greatly depends on the worth that others see in me, but I don't know if I could really say that it has been a choice at all. I aspire to be the best 'me' possible--to create work that will inspire the people that look upon it. I hope someday to be a guide to other young artists, that I may help them find the own path. I do not sell my work to gain materially, but to create images that are a portal into my thoughts, conscious as well as unconscious, to translate a part of myself to the world that may not know any of these things at all.

After college, I worked a slue of different jobs in the creative industry: magazines, galleries, and even television, all which helped broaden my perspective, but, of course, my focus was always on development as a painter. And although all the different periods of my life have been crucial to my journey, it wasn't until 2001 that I really considered myself to be a true artist. Since that time, I have been in many joint, group, and solo shows.

For the last two years, I have been working to form a group that would work together to create bigger and better projects, the type of projects that exceed the ambitions of one man. And I feel that I have finally found the key people to create a Team Art! And, so far we have been successful at Art Chicago's "Next" Art Fair, "Allen Vandever's Art Extavaganza," "Art on Track," and "Verge Art Fair" in Basal, Miami.

Living life to create

My goal as an artist is to create at a level greater than I have in the past and continue to challenge myself as much as possible in the present.

My evolution as a painter has erupted over the last two years. After having great success in the LA area I took the opportunity to live and paint in Hawaii, pushing myself to be a better painter while living on top of the world's largest active volcano. Now I am back in the great city of Chicago ready to immerse myself in the art world here.

I am looking for venues to show my work, and also interested in pursuing a partnership with a gallery. My art will continue to improve and reach higher levels so I'm looking for a gallery that can grow with me or has room for me to grow into.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to show you my work and excited about the potential in working together.

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