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Dee, Jim

oil painting
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Jim studied art at Illinois State University before going on to become a teacher in Chicago Public Schools for ten years. After this time, the decision was made to move on and go into art as a professional career. For the past five years Jim has been in many shows and galleries in the Chicago area as well as around the United States. He has several public art pieces throughout the Chicagoland area as well as being part of dozens of private collections here and around the world. He currently resides on the South Side.

My work, while largely geometric, utilizes theories found in nature to create patterns of color that entice the viewer to slow down, relax, and re-examine the simple, fundamental elegance found in all things. I seek to replicate the persistent repetition found in nature as a creative force to build up layer upon layer of color in a simple geometric context. The paintings invite you, the viewer, to visually explore the subtle variations within the canvases. Similarity and structure evoke familiarity and create a peaceful, balanced, and meditative environment.
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