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Karol, Saundra

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1921 S Halsted, 408
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Photographer, Saundra Karol, focuses primarily on portraiture. She is inspired by the complexities of life, and it is common to see moodier, darker images with an undertone of humor that represents this intricacy in her portfolio.

Where photographers are popping up everywhere snapping away for a few bucks, Saundra is remaining true to focusing her efforts on creating art. This is why many of her clientele includes fellow artists and photographers who understand and appreciate her unqiue and artistic style.

Much of her inspiration is also fueled by social causes, primarily feminist and gender related. Saundra feels that the camera is a powerful tool that can help to not only raise awareness but also reveal the beauty in people and objects that are so often overlooked.

Raised in Valparaiso, Indiana, Saundra has been a resident of Chicago for eight years.
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