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Sudbrink, Lauren

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Lauren hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she lived for 6 years. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography, she exhibited with Form + Content Gallery, the Tilsner Artist Collective, Regis Center for the Arts, & the Gorecki Gallery. In 2011 she moved to Chicago to continue pursuing her artistic endeavors. Since moving to Chicago, Lauren has done documentary work for local theaters and performance groups. She has had a rotating exhibition with "I'll Cut You" Hair Studio in the Flat Iron Building since August 2012, and exhibits with ROOMS Gallery in Pilsen where she also participates in monthly performances for 2nd Fridays.

Through multiple and extended exposures, I am manipulating the relationship between the camera and the figure, restructuring time, space, and the internal energies of the human body. My research explores a critique of the medium of photography, using the camera as a surgical tool to deconstruct and reconstruct the human figure, releasing and restructuring internal energies trapped within the body's epidermal barrier. Through traditional photographic methods I create non-existent forms, existing in non-existent spaces, releasing human energies that are un-traceable with the human eye.
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