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Mason, Jane Steele


Jane Steele Mason is a self-taught jewelry designer based in Pilsen. Although she has been creating jewelry since a very young age, it wasn't until her mid-twenties that she found a creative use for the vintage buttons she had been collecting. Her collection combines new and vintage buttons, chains, and components woven together using chainmail techniques to create a unique line of jewelry.

Ever since I can remember I enjoyed making things with my hands, whether it was sewing doll clothes as a child or sewing my own clothes as I got a little older. Eventually my passion turned to jewelry and the idea that something rather small can make such a big statement.
My experience in fashion design had always exposed me to buttons, though I never really found a use for them despite their innate beauty. Regardless, I had begun a small collection knowing that eventually I would like to incorporate them into my design work. It wasn't until I began teaching myself basic chainmail techniques that the idea of weaving the buttons into my designs really took shape.
Currently my collection uses a mix of new and vintage buttons, chains and components woven together to create a unique line of jewelry. Every piece I create has a story about how I came to design it and often it entails a lot of math, counting and reworking to ensure each piece fits the body beautifully. I prefer to sell my jewelry directly so that I can tailor it individually, but my work can also be found online at my website.
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