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Doll, Catherine

oil painting
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Chicago Arts District Alumni
Website: Catherine Doll's website

Taking the experience of a large canvas painter, Catherine Doll moves into the fashion realm creating collage skirts and jackets.

Garments are overdyed and pieced with various fabrics combing ulitarian thermo with luxurious silks.

Dyed, pieced, crushed, tied, clampeddtaken apart and out back together again. This is what best describes Catherine Dollls clothing collection. With her background as a fine artist she carries on the tradition in a different medium.

Practical utilitarian cotton thermo meets soft fluid silk and linen in versatile and reversible tops, skirts, and unstructured jackets.

A recent recipient of the Fashion Group International Rising Starr Award, Catherine prepares for Red Hot Chicagoo Fashion Presentation at the Chicago Hilton Towers, Wednesday April 3, 2002. Sponsored by the Apparel Industry Board.

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