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Tsan, Lynn

digital art

Lynn Tsan is a writer who creates art when she can't seem to craft a coherent sentence.

Tsan moved to Chicago three years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She spent two years at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, graduated from California State University Dominguez Hills and holds a MA in journalism from the University of Southern California. Tsan returned to creating art ten years ago. Her most recent work, the Square Series, has shown in the Twin Cities as well as Chicago, and is held in several private collections.

Work small. Think big. Create a small, discrete piece of art and then another inspired by the first. Each piece can stand on its own and is part of the whole. The final composition evolves from the inside out.

The compositions are developed from ink sketches and are then hand drawn with a mouse on Adobe Illustrator. Hand drawing is preferable to a scan in its precision when transferring information to machines for creating commissionable three dimensional and architectural art - lightboxes, furniture, walls, and more.
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