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Oleskevich, Colden


Colden Oleskevich is an emerging photographer in Chicago. Born in Denver, Colorado, Colden graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Photography from Harrington College of Design. With a running record of Best of Show awards, he demonstrates a wide variety of work.

With a wide range of skills, Colden has a very unique and particular eye for design and composition. With the rapidly growing technologies and image culture, it is very important to be able to combine resources and knowledge to compete and create beautiful and interesting images. It is a rare breed of artist who can bring these skills together to create an immense range of images, all equal in quality. But Colden Oleskevich can, and will.

Change is inevitable. Within my own life, I find it intriguing to study how change truly impacts not only my life but also the lives around me. In my work I explore change both in its purest form as well as in its most vague forms.

The past three years of my life have been radically changed by a physical transition. This transition has influenced my work heavily in its subjects. I often explore themes of not only change, but gender in its most androgynous terms.

I enjoy creating photographic work that incorporates tangible objects as well. I feel it is important to preserve a hands-on process in the final production and impact of the art. I want my work to go beyond the two dimensional world, and create a more sensate experience.
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