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Todaro, Anna


Anna Todaro is a visual artist, writer, and illustrator currently working in Chicago writing children's stories under the name Ms Anna. Ms Anna is the sole translator for stories written by a magical shy bird who exists in another world called "The Other". This bird, who the stories are by, is named Mother Heron. "Everybody Hoops but me", a picture book for ages 3-6 and up, is Mother Heron's very first story.

"Everybody Hoops but me" is currently a self published book that was funded early in 2013 with a kickstarter campaign.

Anna holds a BFA with an emphasis in painting from Northern Illinois University. Anna also received a scholarship to study for a semester at the Lorenzo Di Medici Academy in Florence, Italy. Anna's work has been exhibited in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago and is represented in a number of private and public collections.

Anna most recently completed a 40' X 15' two panel mural at Navy Pier during the flower and garden show.

Find out more about Anna and her work online at

This is Utopian Folk Art. I have chosen the word Utopia because it is the most recognizable word that is close to being what I am trying to paint. This is light, reflecting through layers of color in the shapes of stories and popular images and birds and anything.

I enjoy painting birds because they can fly. I also like their colorful feathers, songs, and mysterious ways.

Most of my color choices are based on a pigment's lightfastness - what it's made out of - and its juxtaposition with the other colors to elevate moods without dominating the painting, space, or viewer.

I believe the most important part about being an artist is having one's own language. My language comes from a place of genuine unconditional love. Because I have no other word to use that people will easily recognize, I have chosen the word Utopia. This is Utopian Folk Art.
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