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Meese, Brad


Brad Meese grew up in South Bend, Indiana, and started taking photographs in college. He received his Bachelor of Arts of from Indiana University (1999), and following that completed a one year specialized photographic program at Focal Point Visual Arts learning Centre in Vancouver (2001).

He has lived in many cities - San Francisco, Vancouver and New Orleans, to name a few. He moved to Chicago from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina with $100 in his pocket, and has remained here since. This showcase seeks to offer an overview of fifteen years of traveling and photographing the cities he's lived in and their surrounding landscapes. There is no artifice involved, the approach is very simple: everything is shot in camera. Meese's objective is to see things as they are.

Brad Meese's photographic work explores themes of space and perception within the urban environment. His images speak to his understanding not only of the technical aspects of his craft, but also to his unique artistic vision, combining elements of documentary photography with a cinematic sensibility that challenges the viewer's perceptions of a landscape - the city - that is familiar to so many. These talents and vision are also extended toward Meese's work in the natural environment, work that reveals and conceals its subject matter, often employing elements of the subject itself to obscure or illuminate the landscape. Meese has exhibited largely in the Chicago area where he also lives and works.
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