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Manocheo, Andrew


Andrew Manocheo is a Chicago native and embodies a perfect mix of both creative designer and strategic problem solver. The foundation of his experience is a high-school education from the Latin School of Chicago. Upon graduation, Andrew was determined to follow his passion for furniture design & sculpture by attending the School of Architecture at Tulane University. After two years of study Andrew realized that his passion lay within 3D form development and sculptural work versus traditional architecture.

At this point, unsure of a clear career path, Andrew attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and explored a variety of media and materials including film, photography, typesetting & print making, sculpture, and furniture design. During this year of exploratory study, Andrew was first exposed to the work and process of Industrial Design. Immediately upon discovering this area of study, it was clear this was the perfect match for his 3D sculptural talent and analytical problem solving skills.

Andrew graduated from The Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. IIT's focus on user-centered design has been one of the keys to his professional success. By focusing upon the end-user and relying upon a methodology that is supported by design research, Andrew has been able to provide unique product and packaging solutions for brands that include: Wrigley, Thermos, Radio Flyer, Motorola, Johnsonville Sausage, Heineken, and Universal Studios.

Andrew currently leads a team of talented designers at his company, designproject, LLC which was founded in 2009. The studio focuses on developing brand-centric solutions in the areas of product design & graphic arts. The overall mission of the studio is to "connect people with ideas", allowing them to experience the difference that great design can make when applied to the everyday problems faced by modern society. His work helps clients support their business by building great brands and connecting with their customers through a variety of touch points such as their logo & brand identity, packaging, product design, website, and social media.

designproject is a multi-disciplinary design studio focused upon creating innovative concepts across a wide variety of media, but most of our work falls within the areas of product design & graphic arts. We believe that design can make the world a better place, enhancing our day-to-day experience, and improving our interaction with everything around us. Simply stated, our mission is to connect people with great ideas. These ideas, and the concepts they create, are the underlying structure for our process and our body of work. We are driven to continuously ask, "What if...?", and employ an iterative process that yields refined and thoughtful solutions. We are passionate about what we do and we believe this is evident in our work. The very nature of our process promotes open collaboration and interaction with our audience in support of our quest, and we welcome the opportunity to share our work and begin a dialog between us.
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