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Drown, James

acrylic painting
  Website: James Drown's website  

sweaters in a black and white world. My work is the antithesis of this. My work is to be explored; allowing the viewer to make discoveries about himself and the human experience, not just about the artist. This is the way the work is created. Starting with an image, changing it, exploring variations of it, and allowing a combination of both conscious and instinctive choices that determine the path along which the work will travel and from which the final image will emerge.

I deliberately work with blurry, layered images and indistinct juxtapositions in order to cause the viewer to wonder, to dig a little. Of course the work carries the stamp of myself, the artist, with it; but in the digging my hope is that the viewer finds a commonality in the emotional underpinnings. A type of shared human space maybe embedded in some of the ideas behind a universal consciousness but on a more personal level.

These images can be thought of as being created from the shapes you see indistinctly in the dark, or maybe the face of the person you only see from behind. As I said; I am giving the viewer a visual image to explore. In that exploration he should find out not about the image or the artist but about himself and how that self relates to the world around him.

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