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Rosales, Harmonia

oil painting
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1833 S. Halsted St.
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Website: United Foundation of Art and Technology

I create art through raw emotion, always striving to tap into those innermost feelings that stimulate, excite and ignite the imagination. When I create I want my work to speak to your soul, something that can only be explained through emotion. At times we unconsciously become entangled in the here and now. A mental state of being where, we tend to dissect and over analyze everything. Yet basic human nature embraces the unknown, connecting us to a natural curiosity that drives us to explore, to love, to give and to want to immerse in the beauty of our existence. My art's mission is to draw you into a world where you become entirely lost in free flow that un-box and declutters preconceived perceptions of logic and rationalization. Art is to be a call and response with nothing obstructing that spiritual communication. A window of infinity...of infinite possibilities and endless dreams, that's the window I want my art seen through.
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