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Dorsey, Julius

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Website: Chicago Fire Furniture

I'm the type of person that loves to spend 80% of my time alone, surrounded by things other people consider junk...

I use junk, space, time and materials to help my mind reach that quiet place where the subconscious takes over and art comes out. It's impossible to reach this point when the chatter of other people's opinions is louder than my thoughts, so I reach it through work and solitude.

Through my work I'm trying to bring something into the world that isn't already here and to find the courage to push it out there in its raw uncompromising form. If successful it connects with people in search of the same thing I am. This process is therapy to me. It's my way of building a world around myself.

As long as I can wake up every day and continue this process in my studio then I'm ok. This is my version of success.

My most recent work body of work started off as a means of survival and gradually morphed into an extension of my studio practice where I explore the relationship between beauty and decay in urban landscapes. My traditional work consisted of oil paintings on canvas, drawing from photographs of burned and disheveled buildings in Chicago and Detroit.

Now, instead of paint on canvas, I use blowtorches on furniture to challenge the conventional notions of beauty in home decor.I'm trying to strip down the polished perfection of industrially manufactured furniture to reveal new kind aesthetic that will blur the lines between functional furniture and fine art.
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