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Erdman, Derek

acrylic painting
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1909 S. Halsted St., 2nd Fl.
Website: Derek Erdman's website

Derek Erdman was born in 1973 in Ohio to a teenaged mother. He has five aunts and thinks his father may be a postman or a construction worker. His first experience with art came when he was 4 after finding discarded half gallons of house paint and covering the family car with at least 5 different colors. Hees currently well aware that hees in the working stagess of life, where one has to make their way as well as prepare for getting old. His only dream for the future is to live on a boat in San Pedro, California spending his time fishing and listening to baseball games on a transistor radio.

I've always valued simplicity and finding pleasure in situations that lack complexity. I like plain foods and spend a lot of time sleeping. If something presents itself as difficult. It's usually in my best interest to take a hands-off approach and let things work themselves out.

Painting has become a means of relaxation for me. When I relax, I like to think very little. From the conceptual stages to the last color applied, I do my best not think at all. It's sometimes ok to think about simple things, such as umbrellas and picnics.

Somebody once told me that if a person gets an urge to do things, they should always obey that urge. If you create something that is pleasant but get a strong urge to make it unpleasant, you are cheating yourself if you ignore that urge. So I guess that my best advice is that one should learn to control their urges. Or at least have urges that involve carrying umbrellas or going on picnics.

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