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Hafliger, Stephen

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As a child, I used to escape an unhappy reality by hiding in a land of fantasy that I created. I was the kid who not only had a 'fort' but it was decorated! Be it flowers nailed to the treetrunk under the blanket, or the tunnels in the haystack leading to a vaulted room with rugs and vases my escapes always took me to place that was enchanting, if only in my mind. "Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, Wizard of Oz" these films had a great impact on me. My artistic journey began in the theater, as a costumer.

A big fan of musical theater and 'production' type shows brought me to Las Vegas where I was fortunate to study under Bob Mackie. The glitz and glamour of working on the 'strip' in Vegas brought me to a greener landscape working costumes on a cruise ship. As I traveled through the Caribbean Islands I adopted an even greater love for the color and festivity of the cultures I had witnessed. I began to ask myself, Why does all of the fun and the color and the glamor live only on the stage, why can't I bring some of that to my every day life? By combining the color and glamour of my adult life with the intrigue and whimsy of my childhood, my style was born. Add light to this mixture, and I had all of the best, mixed in a way that still seemed 'practical' . (at least I could sell it to Mom that way!)

Several years ago I moved into the Pilsen neighborhood. Where I live in an artist community. Great spaces surrounded by beautiful grounds, all hidden from everyday view by a somewhat plain facade. To drive by no one would ever know what is behind all these doors or what lay out back. Several times a year, the artists in my 'hood' open up their spaces for open house type art shows. There are approximately 200 units. We have music, food, drink, and fabulous artwork. The last weekend in September is the big one. Watch for an invitation or just show up, you wont be disappointed.
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