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Katz, Sonia

acrylic painting
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1932 S. Halsted St., #302, Chicago, IL 60608
Website: abstract and in color

Sonia Katz was educated at the University of Chicago (B.A., M.A.), at Canbridge Techinical College (England) and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

She was a sculptor in stone, bronze and steel from 1960 to 1979. In the 19800s she began to use Japanese paper, acrylic paint and other materials to make collages.

She has been active in teaching, writing critical review, and arts organization work. Her sculpture and collages have been widely exhibited and collected.


I begin by painting color and patterns on Japanese paper. Then I find a combination I like. I also paint a background color on watercolor paper. Through the use of chance and imagination, I find the subject.

The finished picture could be abstracttbased on using the paper cutouts as though they had weight and character. They could be structured, balancing, floating, or used as landscape elements.

I move the pieces around on the background until I find a way to convey meaning and emotion in the subject. Itts like a little game. When I am satisfied with the result, I glue the pieces down.

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