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Kolbusz, Melissa

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1826 South Halsted Chicago IL 60608
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[wired]Designer Melissa Kolbusz holds a BFA in Industrial Design and has worked on a project in the mechanical engineering department of a Chicago firm. She made holiday gifts for friends and family from various materials found at the local salvage yard. After hearing, "you should sell these" enough times, she put out a display of jewelry at her next opening of home accessories. She sold everything and received her first wholesale order! From there [wired] was born and has branched out from jewelry to other personal accessories as well as art installations.

[wired] is a collection of accessories made entirely from reclaimed and surplus industrial materials. The materials used come from the discard piles of various local industries and include alternator wire, rubber and transistors. Each piece is handmade individually, and is either one of a kind or produced in limited quantities. The found materials dictate the design of each piece and foster different design challenges than traditional materials.
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