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Lekan, Brendan

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725 W. 18th St., #F


1. Year of 2000 Recipient of BFA in fine art photography from Columbia College Chicago.


1. 1995-present. Employed By William K. Sladcik Inc. (Professional Food Photography Studio) Fulltime assistant to photographers William K. Sladcik and James Wheeler.

2.1999-2000. Employed by Museum of Contemporary Photography (student employee: installing exhibits, framing artwork, and office work.)

3.1999-2000. Employed by Polaroid/Museum of Contemporary Photography at 20x24 Polaroid Studio (student employee: photography assistance, operation of camera, managing and maintaining studio.)

4. 1990-1995 Part time employee of Paulina Market.

Freelance Photography / Published Works

a. Paulina Market promotional

b. Edmond Fernandez Jr.- promotional

c. New City Publications

d. OObrothers Records- CD booklet, promotional

e. Man With A Gun Records- CD booklet, promotional

f. Karin Lekan Illustration promotional

g. National Pork Board promotional recipe postcard

h. CG Designs Inc. Promotional

i. Hyper Graphics Inc.. Promotional

j. Tribunees Red Eye, Metro mix section issue 11/08/02


1. 2001- Present. Member of Chicago Artistss Coalition.


1. 2002 participant of 32nd Annual Artistss Open House.

2. Chosen Artist for curated , 2002, 32nd Annual Artistss Open House exhibition.

3. Group Show May June 2003 , Monkey Business, 1942 W. Chicago(Bottle Installion)

Private Collection

1. Fred McDougal and Nancy A. Lauter. 219 E. Lake Shore Drive 11ab Chicago,IL

a. Photography installation, Oak Street Beachh

b. B&W photography. Titled, 63rd Street Beach Housee

c. B&W photography. Titled, Boat #2544


The photographs of the Pilsen neighborhood are scenes a native of the area may come across everyday. The black and white images are of the shapes and simplicity that this part of town possesses. Enjoy the photographs now, even better go out and appreciate the way things are now, take photographs of Pilsen, paint it , or draw it, Things will be different in the years to come.

My beach photographs were made with a pinhole camera. Pinhole photography is probably the simplest way to take a picture. This helps me relax and have fun at the lakefront, combing the beaches finding interesting objects to capture on film.

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