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McCauley, Irene

graphic design

As an artist my objective is to communicate with my audience through manipulation of digital photography. The composition and content of each work is based on mathematical harmonies and sacred geometries.

In each work I use the depth of my experiences and vision. As I know that all life is sacred, I use the language of color, texture, shape, words, and numbers to express this belief through the language of the eyes.

My lifees work is teaching- my soulls is visual expression. I share what I have seen and recorded and allow the viewer to create an object in their own mindds eye charged with personal significance. In this way I am the author of the visual meaning and hope to give form to the deva found in all.

Teaching Philosophy

In teaching as in most facets of professional life, there is a paradigm- an operable truth or verifiable reality that runs through each course, enterprise or service. My aim is to facilitate the recognition of that thread of truth as a basis for understanding onees goals and desires as a professional creative person. Techniques are taught only as a conduit through which creative energy is channeled as a means to an end, not the end in themselves. Teamwork as well as individual effort is rewarded in order to stimulate each student to experiment with their own creativity in a vital environment where students are comfortable to express an opinion without fear. Just as these endeavors are cultivated and encouraged, lack of effort or personal responsibility is equally discouraged.

As an educator, I try to expand my studentss awareness, not only in the skills and processes relevant to each course, but by helping them to develop a better understanding of the world in which we live. Through lectures and field trips, I introduce students to the marketing and business sides of design and imaging to strengthen the commercial relevance of their work. The assignments and exercises are result-oriented with applications and deadlines similar to a real working situation.

A paradigm of graphic and imaging process is that it is equipment-intensive and that the technology is constantly changing. My challenge is two-fold; to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving picture of the profession and to communicate these changes to each student in terms that are understandable to both the neophyte as well as the veteran. The glossary of graphic arts should not be perceived as some mysterious volume to which only the few are privy. Its nature transforms on a daily basis and is redefined as students and professionals alike review its values and its trends. As the graphic process is created and evolves, so should the process that teaches it. The intrinsic worth of the student is always greater than the process which they manipulate.

In both my teaching and my own artwork, I continue to grow by discovering new methods of creating and communicating. This growth comes from absolute enjoyment in my work and the sharing of knowledge with my students- a two-way street. My primary purpose as an educator is the artistic and intellectual development of students through the maintenance of the highest standards of academic excellence and educational growth. To this end, I am committed to prepare women and men for professional careers as artists and designers, to have my students develop a sense of their uniqueness as individuals in order to recognize their potential, to foster team approaches to problems which mirrors professional settings, and to excite the curiosity of the students about the larger world in which they are an integral part.

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