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Rench, Scott

screen prints
graphic design
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Scott Rench is a ceramacist with a BFA from the University of Wisconsin and an MFA from Edinboro University. Scott regularly shows his work nationally and has conducted workshops internationally. His work has been featured in periodicals worldwide including; MacDirectory, Lucky Magazine, ARTRAVEL, Plugzine, and Cermaics Monthly. His recent shows include the BLK MRKT, SOFA Chicago, Dubhe Carreno Gallery and "Get it Louder" a touring design exhibit in China. Scott is an Art Director by day and has received national attention for his work.

My imagery and work is a complex layering of semiotics. In addition to that I have long been fascinated by Asian culture and its written language. I see the kanji as art objects first and its meaning second. My main body of work has been evolving to a more personal narrative for expressing concerns in my own life and deal with issues that are common to us all.

My work consists of computer generated images that are printed with a ceramic glaze onto a large canvas of clay. Creating and collecting images, I scan them into the computer and manipulate them to fit the concept. The new image is then output onto transparent film that acts as a stencil for transferring the image to a silk-screen. Glaze is then used (instead of ink) to print the image on a wet slab of clay which is then dried and fired.

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