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Ehrler, Anna


I began pursuing photography at the age of sixteen. From there I went on to study photography and its many processes at the University of New Mexico's Art Department. Photography was basically my vehicle into the art world. It was here where I discovered other expressive mediums such as serigraphy, mixed media, painting and sculpture. I began working with steel and fell in love with the physical interaction of creating sculpture. My sculpture currently is in the mediums of metal and fabric, and some electrical. I will sculpt bodily forms into vintage dresses or other fabrics & materials then illuminate it. In essence, I am capturing a body and spirit that once was physically taking up the folds of the fabric. I am capturing a moment, a memory.

Painting provides me with a medium where I can express on levels that go beyond photography. It is a forgiving medium. I paint primarily in acrylics. My paintings currently are influenced by the realistic nature of portrait photography and pop art. My paintings for the art walk will have a realistic quality of about them, although they will not necessarily be portraits. They will have a more emotional composition, not pop.

My fashions are fun and unique. Currently I have created a line of stylish funky baby bibs that challenge the pink and the blues of the baby world. I am currently my focus area in school is design, and one of my design areas will touch upon apparel. Therefore I will have a small variety of hand made apparel items for adults that will encompass the same fun & funky nature of my baby bibs.

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