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Sermchief, Chanon Nick

acrylic painting
graphic design

In my early college years, I found that taking an Art Studio 101 class in 1994 changed my life forever. During my brief stay in Connecticut, I realized that one of my passions was making and producing art. The realization provoked me to transfer out to the University of New Mexico where I had established my art education and experience. Since that year, I have had several exhibitions in which the artworks have included paintings in the early years, to prints (mainly intaglio and screen), and in the past few years, video. I have begun to repress back to the early days into painting and drawing again. However, at the same time, I have also begun pushing my printmaking skills (primarily screenprinting) into new mixed media pieces on plexiglass and progressing to working with film, video installations, and other video effects. Most, if not all, of my artworks always end up having to do with my struggles of my Thai Culture and Buddhism. In my family, my sister and I are the first generation in the States. My artworks are valuable and constant investigations, discoveries, rediscoveries, and learning experiences that go hand in hand with my forever mission of my investigating and embracing my heritage, both in Thailand and here in the States.
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