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Sheehy, Shawn


My books interpret the efficiency and grace of natural cycles.

With my books, I explore the essential elements of cycles and attempt to draw the attention of others to cycles as well. Appreciation for the natural world, the food chain, and edge theory are themes that I have explored in my books.

Artist books are ideal for representing cycles. The activity of turning through a book and then repeating is itself a cycle. The interdisciplinary nature of artist books allows for selecting the best manner of conveying an idea.

Artistts books are perpetually fresh. They can be deconstructed by isolating elements, viewing elements out of order, or playing with elapsed time in viewing. Artistts books are the intersection of the 2D and 3D worldssthey are sculptures that can be folded down and tucked on a shelf.

I prefer to work with the native color of materials. I enjoy focusing on surface. I exploit time and kinetics to engage the viewer in active participation. I take maximum control of a project: writing text, engineering an expressive structure, developing images, making paper and plates, printing, assembling and binding the book. By completion, my pieces are reduced to the essentials.

Ultimately, I work towards bridging the gap between limited edition work and the commercial realm. Continued work in this direction cannot help but expand the possibilities for both.

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