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Shinmoto, Vanessa

oil painting
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1932 S. Halsted St., #300
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I collaborate with my boyfriend to make crayon drawings with slogans. Our art represents the maladjusted response in awkward social situations. When people see our work, many of them say, Hey that is so-and-so..

During a show, one man asked me if I was really that crazy. Yeah. Seriously, not crazier than anyone else caught up in their ambitions. You look so sane, he said in awe as his wide eyes carefully scanned each drawing. A local Chicago critic once described the drawings as scribbles of a madwoman..

I wanted to explore the craziness of the subconscious (sob-conscious) that the crayon drawings expressed in paint and collage. I wanted to see what these different mediums would add to the crayon characters scribbled from my subconscious.

I also created and self-published an artist book featuring the maladjusted responses of the crayon drawings. I had it printed in Hong Kong, a saga that brought home the reality of globalization. It is titled, Slogans for the Maladjusted.

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