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Grabas, Peter


Art has no meaning except what we choose to give it. My choice is to create work that will inspire the soul and be a visual treat. I humbly leave the verdict of whether this is so in your hands.

I make my art because it pleases me, but always with the hope this feeling will be shared by others. Some artists make a body of work that is a result of their personal emotional and often neurotic cathartic, other that of struggle against political injustice, yet others about the darkness within us or others simply reflections of the world around us. It is a firm belief of mine that there is an abundance of despair, callousness and low self-esteem in the world, and sometimes within us, without the need to focus or dwell on it. As a manic depressive it is all too easy to focus on those things. The questions that prompt my art are what do I do to stand in opposition to those conditions? What can pierce the despair, callousness and low self-esteem in the world, even if only for a moment? My answer is to create art that focuses on nature, skill and visual splendor. Yes, all those are always subjective, but if I make each piece by throwing everything of myself into it with the expectation that it might be the only thing of my work to survive into some other century then each piece has the chance to be what I hope of it. Its like children or students. Give the very best and hope your input will bear fruit and surpass you. Each piece has a chance to make a positive step toward something better in our world or in our selves. In three hundred years the questions and feelings of people will be the same as I have found in two thousand year old poetry. Who am II whatts it all aboutt how come his hat is so much better than mine? I wouldnnt presume to think my art could answer that, but maybe somebody just might be inspired by it and decide that theyyll treat their neighbor better that day.

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