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Ingrid Bonne

Ingrid is fascinated by people. There are billions of people in the world and each person is different than everyone else; looks, personality, energy,thought process. She is mesmerized by how profounf
The Chicago Arts District is home to hundreds of established and emerging artists representing art work in virtually every medium. From painting to sculpture, fine art photography to ceramics and print making, you'll find some of the freshest creative minds at work here. You can search for artists by name or medium using our new art-resident database. The result of your search will reveal representative samples of art work, the artists' statment and contact information.

Monika Sula

Monikaas paintings represent subtle, and often paradoxical, poetic vision. Strange creatures, infused with life, can be found in much of her work. One of her favorite tools is double symbolism. Close

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