Beauty Beyond Walls at Both Sides Gallery  
  August 9th, 2013 - Both Sides Gallery - 1840 S. Halsted St.  
  Both Sides Gallery
1840 S. Halsted St.
Friday, August 9th, 2013 from 6-10pm

This month, Both Sides Gallery will be showcasing the works of Meg Frazier, Jillian Schavai, and Jacob Wayne in the collaborative show, "Beauty Beyond Walls". The mixed media show is a direct representation of the struggle with exterior beauty vs. inner beauty and the walls built around the images we see within the media and fashion design. How do we represent ourselves and see ourselves, and where does that fit into the ideals of what society has in mind for us? Do we find beauty in people or in structures and places? These are questions brought up within writing and painting classes at Both Sides, questions the artists were looking to answer through this intimate show placing a fun, light-hearted feel on a rather heavy subject within today's society.

Meg Frazier, owner and artist, will be showcasing new works juxtaposing texture of paper creating movement with the female figure painted in acrylic. Jillian Schavai will be showing her latest works blending her gorgeous calligraphy with anatomical sketches, playing with verbal feelings and relaying important messages about the feelings behind body awareness. Jacob Wayne, a lover of graffiti and architecture, will be showcasing mixed media pieces reflecting walls built around emotions, ideals about self, and the process of growth.

The show, created within the walls of Both Sides Gallery through their weekly painting classes, is a great representation of artists coming together as a community and making a cohesive body with a common message for others to interpret and ponder.

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