showPOD Presents - Chicago Urban Art Society  
  7 showPODs at South Halsted and 18th St in Chicago, Feb 1st-28th, 2010  
  Podmajersky, Inc. and the Chicago Arts District are proud to present showPODs and the Chicago Urban Art Society

What is showPOD?

showPOD; (sho pod) n.
1.) a vessel to bring or put into sight;
2.) a seed for public display or exhibition

showPOD is a high exposure exhibition space, compact, dynamic, unmanned, and designed to support concepts of art experimentation and installation. Conceptualized by John Podmajersky III, and created by the Chicago Arts District, showPODs create an instant art experience in the non-traditional space and format of a high exposure art installation operating around the clock. showPOD, by design, can be viewed by anyone at anytime during the life of its installation, allowing a rich public art experience that breaks down the traditional limits of a gallery space or museum.

During the month of February, the Chicago Arts District and John Podmajersky III will proudly present the Chicago Urban Art Society's Lauren Pacheco and Peter Kefka as they curate the ShowPODs along South Halsted Street.

The installation will tell the story of the Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS), Chicago's emerging non-for-profit art organization promoting the art makers visual voice through exhibitions, innovative teaching
and learning opportunities, and the creation of an arts and culture archive.

showPOD presents: the Chicago Urban Art Society
Will be on display in the Chicago Arts District, South Halsted between 18th Street and Canalport, from February 2nd-28th, 2010 and is available to be viewed 24/7. Don't miss this exciting experience. The installation will draw support for the highly anticipated event Sweet Tooth, A Charity Bake Sale and Art Exhibition to support CUAS and friends.

Sweet Tooth, A Charity Bake Sale and Art Exhibition
Thursday February, 11th 2010 - 6-10pm
2003 S. Halsted St.
Chicago IL 60608
$20 suggested donation at the door
Sweet Tooth Media Contacts:
Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS)
Lauren Pacheco- 773.318.9407
Chicago Arts District
Cynthia West- 312.738.8000 x 108

Get your sweet on this Valentine's Day with Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) and friends, instead of dates and restaurants, celebrate in a whole new way, support Chicago's creative community as they push the arts in our neighborhoods, schools, and alternative art spaces. CUAS and friends, High Jump,Urban Gateways, The Chicago Public Art Group, and the Chicago Art Department, invite you to
experience a variety of over 1000 pastries, chocolates, and candies, to satisfy your Sweet Tooth. Thanks to our vendors, Whole Foods Market, Molly's Cupcakes, The Cocoa Room, Swirlz Cupcakes, Yum Universe, Bleeding Heart Bakery, Tipsy Cake Chicago and Brown Sugar Bakery, for their donation of these amazing baked goods.

You'll also enjoy an a candy themed art installation by Urban Gateways teaching artist James CASPER Jankowiak, and an art display by Sue Zola. Throughout the evening an Art raffle by DeTour Studio, will include participating artists, Ray CRO Noland, Jeff Zimmerman, Juan Angel Chavez, Hector Duarte, Sue Zola, Chris Silva, Cody Hudson, James Jankowiak, Doug Fogelson, Mike Genovese, Bridgette Buckley,
Ruben Aguirre, Matt Teuter, Chad Kouri and Peter Skvara.

Beverages are complimentary and provided by Indigo Wine Group. Music provided by DJ Trew and DJ Gengiswon. Come support CUAS and friends grow the arts in Chicago at this one of a kind event.

Sweet Tooth Host Committee:
Alderman Danny Solis (25th Ward), Alderman George Cardenas (12th Ward), Alderman James Balcer
(11th Ward), Attorney General Lisa Madigan, TGC Partners, NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, Podmajersky,
Inc. and the Chicago Arts District, United Neighborhood Organization (UNO)

Sweet Tooth Sponsors:
Hispanic Pro, City Vida, M?rk Productions, Latin Webzine, Chicago Public Radio wbez.org, Blick Art
Materials, 48 Industries, Simple AV, Nightwood Restaurant, Bubbly Dynamics, R.W.A. Associates, dot Press, Ola Chicago

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