showPOD Presents: SYSTEMscapes: Diagramming Distribution Flow  
  June 10 July 31, 2011 - showPOD - 1822-43 S. Halsted St., Chicago  
  2nd Friday 2nd opening!
July 8, 2011 6p-10p - 2nd Fridays in the Chicago Arts District

showPOD Presents: SYSTEMscapes: Diagramming Distribution Flow
Featuring work by CLUAA, Clare Lyster. cl@cluaa.com. www.cluaa.com
Curated by Clare Lyster and Patrick Finn.
Exhibition runs June10 - July 31, 2011

SYSTEMscapes: Diagramming Distribution Flow is an exhibition of large-format maps of post-Fordist delivery systems, including Netflix, Facebook, Fed Ex, Amazon.com, Ryan Air and U-Tube. The maps address the fluidity of our culture by indexing the geo-spatial effects of the time-space networks that infiltrate our daily lives. They uncover new opportunities for architectural design in an age in which space is increasingly mediated by infrastructural systems and communication networks. The maps are conceived by Clare Lyster as part of her ongoing research on architecture's fall-out with emerging logistical networks, what Manuel Castells calls "the space of flows". They are produced by CLUAA; Clare Lyster, Patrick Finn and Carlyn So w/ students from the School of Architecture, University of Illinois-Chicago; Erin Connolly Cherney, Patrick Finn, Huy Le and Lyndsay Pepple. Installation assistance by Frank Gossage.

Clare Lyster is an architect, writer and educator and founding principal of Clare Lyster Urbanism And Architecture (CLUAA), a research and design firm in Chicago. Her work explores the production of space at the intersection of architecture, landscape and infrastructure with a focus on how architectural design engages the natural and synthetic systems of a city. She is editor of Envisioning the Bloomingdale: 5 Concepts, (Chicago Architecture Club, August 2009) and 306090 vol. 09 Regarding Public Space, with Cecilia Benites, (Princeton Architectural Press, August 2005). Clare is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Illinois, Chicago where she teaches seminars and studios on landscape, infrastructure and globalization, examining how these broader fields are positioned in architectural theory and design practice.

What is showPOD?
showPOD; (sho pod) n. 1.) a vessel to bring or put into sight; 2.) a seed for public display or exhibition
showPOD is a high exposure exhibition space, compact, dynamic, unmanned, and designed to support concepts of art experimentation and installation. Developed by the Chicago Arts District, showPOD creates an instant art experience in the non-traditional space and format of 24/7/365 exposure to art installation. showPOD by design, can be viewed by anyone at anytime during the life of its installation, allowing a rich public art experience that breaks down the traditional limits of gallery space or museum.

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