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Bryan Sperry Studio
1908 S. Halsted St. , Chicago, IL  60608
(312) 890-0270

  Owner/Operator: Bryan Sperry
Primary Medium: Sculptures
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Current Work
Bryan Sperry's current work the "Warriors Of The Apocalypse" has recently been the subject of a 3D animation project, a "coffee table-sized" art book, a series of recent critical media articles, multiple hi-resolution prints and various recent Chicagoland art exhibitions. These life-sized "futuristic cyborg humanoid avatars" are constructed out urban detritus found around Mr. Sperry's studio space. "That's exactly right.." he states, "when I hear a nearby car accident, I head out to gather and repurpose the industrial waste left behind by a wayward and damaged population smashing into itself!. Bam!!!"

Bryan Sperry has been a force in the Chicago-area art scene for two decades now. He's played a vital role in the formation and operation of many local galleries and art events including the Around The Coyote Arts Festival and The Pilsen Art Walk. He is a founding member of: The Art Attack Gallery, Second Fridays in Pilsen, and his own Sperry Studios.

He began his painting career as a young man growing up in the blue-collar "Pilsen" neighborhood of Chicago's near south side. By experimenting with different media types and drawing on the wealth of previously established genres as he matured, Bryan's work and perspective began to become a fluent language for him. His art hence has become the vehicle of his overall philosophy.

Artist Statement
I live and study the broken fragments of my urban environment; a machine-driven mechanized, littered, disposable and discarded wasteland. My influences include the Italian futurists and works such as the masterpiece "Unique Forms of Continuity in Space" by Umberto Boccioni. Once I saw that piece it demonstrated for me how I could combine all facets of my art into a unified form that spoke to politics, people and the world order in general. The ready-made master Marcel Duchamp, the simply elegant Brancusi, the alienated Giacometti, all of these have also played a role in my development. Those guys were really throwin' it down son!

I strongly feel as an artist that it's my obligation to use my abilities to display the world back to itself in the hopes that we can all wake up to the honest truth a bit sooner. The time to speak out and share our feelings is now. We must not stand idly by and let our country and our entire world fall into the hands of the Global Banks, the heartless corporations and the impending social apocalyptic path we are on.

The "Warriors" are here to protect myself and humanity as a whole from the tribulations of a one-world, oppressive future government. They are peaceful soldiers who use advanced technology to block, intercept, and confuse the enemy and their population control tactics. But never do they kill or harm the innocent victims, the world population, who are oppressed and held down by this evil oligarchical dark order. It's the year 3095 and by then the tyrannical forces have squeezed all the love and morality out of our society with the greedy fist of wanderlust and an insatiable thirst for power. In this work, I am putting my strongest beliefs into action. I have thus far found that many people relate to this message and find the same deep meaning in it as I do.

Artist Resume
Bryan has been showcasing around the Chicagoland area for 20+ years. Some of his most notable showcases include:

Featured Exhibitions
Design Cloud - 2012
Carlos Humenez Gallery - 2012
Flexspace - 2010
MK Gallery - 2009
Zhou B. Space - 2009
Blake Palmer Gallery - 2006
Corrosive Gallery - 2005
Open Door Gallery - 2004
Mars Gallery - 2003
Humility Gallery - 1998
Eastwick Gallery - 1995
Randolph Street Gallery - 1995
Around The Coyote - 1993-1997
Art Attack - 1993

Field Museum Campus - 2009
"Cool Globes" Sculpture Tour - 2009
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