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TEMPLE Gallery
1749 S. Halsted St. #1F, Chicago, IL  60608

  Owner/Operator: Nadine Lollino & Bob Garrett
Primary Medium: Performance, Fashion, Visual Art, Video Installation
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As musicians and dancers, POSTERCHILD creates art that immerses the audience in an audio and visual experience. Space becomes transformed to engage the senses in the desired environment for introspection as well as enjoyment. Dance and music throughout history have been an integral part of community to confront, strengthen and heal. As we gain awareness of a deeper level of self, we can stand in the river of experiences, joys, sorrows and challenges and meet life with grace and openness. Music and dance inspire the spirit and cultivate healing and happiness. POSTERCHILD relates this synthesis in performance with the use of original music, movement exploration, original costuming and video installation. POSTERCHILD also offers yoga classes and LILA! (group ecstatic dance workshops), to provide the opportunity for the audience to become the mover and explore their own innate connection to dancing and music.

POSTERCHILD currently performs monthly at their home base, TEMPLE Gallery, located in the Chicago Arts District in Pilsen East.

Depending on the venue, event and artistic vision, POSTERCHILD can perform as an intimate duet between mover and musician, or as a larger ensemble, exploring a space as an installation or a featured performance. Based on the intent of the performance, the role of the audience may be that of observer, or take on a more interactive relationship with the development of the piece.

POSTERCHILD is a multimedia collective combining dance, music, visual art and fashion. Co-founded by Nadine Lollino and Bob Garrett, POSTERCHILD's collaborators include artists Flynn, Lyndsae Rinio, Brian Kallies, and many more. Over the course of the last six years POSTERCHILD has performed in Chicago, Hawaii, Denver and the Fringe Festival in Minnesota. POSTERCHILD is excited to have found a home base in Pilsen to create a transformative environment tailored to their artistic vision.

Co-founder Bob Garrett currently works with many different artists including Las Guitarras de Espana, John Elmquist, Anne Harris, and Toque Chicago. Previously he performed and traveled as a percussionist for the National Tour of the Lion King, worked as a free-lance musician and producer in Chicago, working with Freddy Jones Band, Trinity Irish Dancers, and many more. Nadine Lollino choreographs, performs and designs/creates the garments for POSTERCHILD. She is also a professional massage therapist and yoga teacher within the city and on faculty at the Columbia College Dance Center teaching yoga.

"If you are not naked by now, go back to sleep." - Rumi
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