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Clinard Dance Theatre Studio
1747 S. Halsted St., Rear Studio, Chicago, IL  60608
(312) 0399 1984

  Owner/Operator: Wendy Clinard
Primary Medium: Dance, Contemporary Flamenco
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Clinard Dance Theatre is a constantly evolving ensemble of performers and collaborators lead by Artistic Director Wendy Clinard founded in 1999. The ensemble is comprised of professional dancers, musicians, and visual artists. Collaborations have included artists from Zimbabwe, Spain, Morocco, Syria, and India, as well as many well-respected Chicago and U.S. artists. For more information about Clinard Dance Theatre please visit us at In addition to their professional company work, Clinard Dance Theatre offers Flamenco dance classes from beginner through professional levels. Their intimate studio environment and small class sizes support a more personalized learning experience.
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