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Studio Oh!
1837 S. Halsted St., Chicago, IL  60661
(773) 474-1070


In both religion and mythology, trees are used as a source of knowledge. In my path of self-discovery, I found it seemed only natural to choose trees as symbols for my thoughts and feelings. Though I am not an environmentalist, I feel that many modern people have lost contact with nature and consequently with their true selves. Nature can provide answers about ourselves if we are willing to look for those answers. She can help us with our approach to life.

Pam begins her abstract paintings with only a hint of intention. She embraces the unexpected as the rest is guided by the artwork, itself. A piece is never completed in one session and time is spent watching and listening to where the painting wants to go. Layers of color are built up, wiped off, painted over. Her appreciation for things aging and well worn shows through in the hints of cracking paint and textured surfaces that evolve as she works.
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