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1932 S. Halsted St. #102, Chicago, IL  60608

  Owner/Operator: Floyd Davis
Primary Medium: Carpentry & Art

Artist Statement
Composition, utility, and flexibility are the main structural elements of my work. I prefer to leave my art to be ambiguous, with intent to give the viewer more control, but also to give the work room to change. My work takes on many different forms so that its not limited to one aesthetic. Techniques used include; printmaking, woodworking, painting, sculpture, drawing, and digital media. Using combinations of these methods allows for a diverse body of work that can serve multiple purposes while balancing elements of decoration and function.

Artist Biography
Hello... I'm Floyd, I like to make stuff. I was born and raised in Antioch Illinois, a town an hour north of Chicago that hugs the border of Wisconsin. Art has been the main focus of my life since I was pre-verbal. In grade school I illustrated my classmate's book reports and was compensated with slap bracelets or pudding snack packs. I drew through every class regardless what subject I was supposed to be paying attention to. Within that same time period my family moved to the other side of Antioch and we built our own house. This is where I was first exposed to the wonders of carpentry. My Dad would let me have scrap wood that was left over from construction to keep me busy. Equipped with a handsaw, hammer, nails, and some fatherly advice I was off to build. There were two things I knew I absolutely had to build. The first project was to construct something or anything that I could jump my bike off of, and the other of course was to build a super rad fort. The wooded areas of my family's property is still littered with my forts, they're nice to visit, though I don't really fit in them anymore. I moved through life using both art and carpentry in separate capacities. I attended Northern Illinois University on a 2 year full tuition waiver awarded for my portfolio submission. I started in the illustration program, but was introduced to printmaking and there was no turning back. It wasn't until I was out of school that I really started to combine the two. I found a job with a clothing company as a Display Artist where it was necessary to have a carpentry skill set and an artistic eye. I traveled the country designing and building elaborate installations and display furniture. It was there that I developed the concept for Artpentry. Once I felt my career had run it's course I decided to go after a dream and follow through with my concept. Now Artpentry is functioning in full force. I wanted to be able to offer a wide range of services as well as have a forum to show and sell artwork. Artpentry can be best described as a creative umbrella for all of my artistic endeavors. I offer residential and retail space design/build services, fine art, wooden beards, canvas stretchers, blank serigraphy screens, murals, and really any conventional or nonconventional application of art and carpentry. Personally I've tried to return to the mentality I had as a kid when dealing with art. I keep making art because I love to, and of course to impress girls. However, these days I prefer cash over slap bracelets.
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