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Pilsen Community Books
1932 S. Halsted St. #206, Chicago, IL  60608

  Primary Medium: New & Used Books
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On 2nd Fridays we open our Fountainhead Lofts workshop to the public. At our loft we house our collection of eccentric, vintage, rare, and collectible books. Shop our loft for books as well as prints and other reading accessories.

Our hope is that Pilsen Community Books can be more than a bookstore. In addition to selling new and used books we are here to support Pilsen's schools. The first step toward promoting literacy in our neighborhood is to provide each student with books. Every dollar that you spend directly supports this mission. In the future we want to work to provide all-encompassing literacy services for Pilsen. Eventually, we hope to be able to do the same for other neighborhoods in Chicago. As our programming can only grow in proportion to our business, we appreciate your support.
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