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YLH Studio
1932 S. Halsted St. #401, Chicago, Illinois  60608
(404) 964-9214

  Owner/Operator: Yu Huang
Primary Medium: Painting, Pastel, Drawing, Portraits, Mix Media, Photography, and Video.
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Artist Statement
I start each of my paintings as an intellectual practice. My expectation to myself as an artist is constantly shaped by my knowledge and experience as an art historian. Art historical training enabled me to adopt an analytical view to examine my work in terms of content, design and techniques.

My body of work reflects my multicultural background. My experience as an immigrant, a Chinese American, a woman, a teacher, a curator, and an art historian has provided me with invaluable resources to draw from. I am interested in using portraiture and human forms to communicate my emotions and observations of the world. I use portraiture and figurative forms to offer a critical view to examine my own social and political environment.

Fantasy is not my concern, I strive to paint realistically and to accurately reveal the spirits of my subjects. Artists like Dutch master Rembrandt, nineteenth century painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau and contemporary portrait artist Daniel Greene inspire me for their dedication to their crafts. Their works demonstrate their superlative techniques in capturing their subjects'likeness and to convey the ideal of human spirit.

Oil on canvas is my main medium but I also use acrylic and employ collage technique in my work. I have painted homeless folk musicians, a Romanian gypsy girl, an Islamic human rights lawyer and restaurant customers. I believe in the importance of continuing to evolve and grow as an artist. Artists should constantly challenge themselves and explore new ways of artmaking. I would like to experiment with more subject matters and styles including landscape and abstraction. My knowledge in Asian art history also provides me an alternative perspective in looking at art.

As an artist, I constantly examined how I can create meaningful work that speaks for the history of our time and my experience as a citizen of the world. -Yu Huang
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