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1932 S. Halsted St. #509, Chicago, Illinois  60608
(773) 575 1605

  Owner/Operator: Andrew Manocheo
Primary Medium: Mixed Media
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DESIGNPROJECT is a multi-disciplinary art & design studio that embraces rebellious thinking and creative expression. The work of the studio could be best described as 2d-sculpture or 3d-graphic design. The goal is to blur the lines between the flat planar realm of print/screen with the physical experiential realm of everyday objects/environments. The focus is to have at the core of everything that is created by the studio a genuinely great idea, and we strive to have the work be a compelling expression of such.

Artist's Background
My background is rooted in industrial design and architecture. Through years of working at various chicago-based agencies I was exposed to a lot of work in the realm of branding, graphic design, packaging, and product design. In recent years I have embraced a minimalist lifestyle, focused solely upon projects for which I truly have a passion. One of those passions has revealed itself to be the creation and production of my own artwork. My previous exposure to corporate branding has allowed me to sharpen my own artistic messaging, while my training as an industrial designer is providing lots of freedom in terms of how to deliver this content. Things are constantly evolving both within and around me, constantly providing new areas of interest.
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