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Elko Hardwoods
2003 S. Halsted St., Chicago, Illinois  60608

  Owner/Operator: Matt Thomas
Primary Medium: Furniture

From tree to table, Elko Hardwoods specializes in bringing a piece of nature to your home.

We're a youthful, family owned company with a passion for building beautiful furniture from hardwoods of the Midwest. Our live or natural edge furniture captures the unique character of each tree we salvage. We take great care to preserve the knots, twists, and "imperfections" of every log. Doing this honors its natural beauty and gives the tree a second life. We pair slabs with modern bases to create furniture that is truly one of a kind and built to last many lifetimes.

Our designer and artisan, Matt Thomas, has always loved the natural world, and in college he developed a fascination with functional art. His wood and metal sculpture studies culminated in some of his first live edge creations. Years later, Matt created Elko Hardwoods to put a piece of nature in dining rooms across the county. He wants you to eat, drink, and laugh around a work of art.
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