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La Kaiser
1932 S Halsted St. #501

  Owner/Operator: Cindy Kaiser
Primary Medium: Jewelry
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So who is she?
I'm a Swiss native, born and raised in Zimbabwe and now living the "American dream" in the windy city of Chicago. Life has been an adventure to say the least! My Swiss roots bring me back to Zurich often to visit family and I can't help myself from being inspired by the picturesque village settings, lush green pastures and pristine mountain tops and lakes. I view Switzerland as my "design haven". A stark contrast to life in Zimbabwe! Growing up in Zimbabwe was an enriching and humbling experience and one that changed my outlook and view on life. When you are surrounded on a daily basis by extreme poverty and suffering, your dreams and desires for a kinder world are awoken. Giving back and helping others is a very big part of what I do with La Kaiser jewelry.

Zimbabwe to South Africa and on to Los Angeles
I moved down to South Africa once High school was complete and received my BA degree in Visual Arts, specializing in Creative Jewelry and Metal Design. With my degree in hand, I hit the road once again. After a grueling 22 hour long flight, I arrived amongst the star-studded streets of Los Angeles and started a new batch of studies in Fashion at FIDM. I also apprenticed for Michael Schmidt Studios, in downtown Los Angeles and had the most phenomenal time assisting on the design and manufacture of A-list celebrity costumes for Rhianna, Madonna, the Black Eyed Peas and Kelley Rowland, to name a few.

The bottom line..
Ever since the day I left Africa, I knew that I wanted to be independent and build a lifestyle that would allow me to be creative, maintain a flexible schedule and give me the freedom to spend time between the 2 continents (Africa and Europe) that I had personal ties to and also that would allow me to fulfill my dreams of operating a profitable business that also had a focus on giving back to society. So, I took the plunge and started working on my own jewelry line "La Kaiser" and here I am today! Designing and manufacturing my jewelry locally between Chicago and Los Angeles, donating a percentage of the profits to charity and drawing upon my colorful travels and European adventures for design inspiration.
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