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Dark by Design
1932 S. Halsted St. #504, Chicago, IL  60608

  Owner/Operator: Gene Alvear
Primary Medium: Photography
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The word Passion isn't often appreciated as it should be... it is what drives us to dream, to visualize, and to create.

The Windy City Strobists / Dark by Design photography studio is the culmination of those truths. I'm Gene Alvear and this studio is dedicated to the total expression of imagery. From in front of the lens or behind the viewfinder we capture, we teach, we nurture, and we master our own vision.

As a corporate photographer for AT&T, I yearned to push the envelope in imagery. Restricted by corporate guidelines, my creative inner voice was muted, but once unleashed the epiphany of my own inner vision came to the forefront. With the appreciation of the "dark beautiful" the world is now my backdrop.

"From the skill of capturing a moment, to the art of generating a scene, as a photographer my passion has been to capture nature's elusive light and bring it to any medium art form." Gene Alvear
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